Price per square foot of your home.

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The Hardest Pricing Concept to Understand


Pricing is an art form...and only the "market" will determine what price your home will receive.  But, with little exception, single story homes in Florida receive more per square foot than two story homes.  That is not because they are more desirable (although there does tend to be a trend in FL to prefer one story) is because two story homes offer more square footage on the same parcel of land that a single story does...and that is why new home builders in this area tend to build "up" rather than "out".  Builders know they can get more dollars if they reach for the sky.  Comparing a single story home with a two story will simply give false results in most cases.  So, if you are trying to figure out how much your home is worth the first thing to do is compare only with a "like" property....if you have a 2 story than use 2 story homes and vice versa.